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The food manufacturing industry is evolving constantly due to changes in the shift in which food is being manufactured and also the focus on environmental impact and sustainability. The manufacturers are looking at reducing waste, reducing CO2 emissions whilst making products which will meet the market demands on sugar, salt and fat content.  For healthier food options, the diet is focused on fruits and vegetables or  high protein food products both natural and manufactured. But what is the impact of these diet shifts on the environment?

The food service industry have joined the food industry in sustainability and has come up with different food menus and/ or products which are prepared from unconventional food ingredients such xantham gum, agar- agar, pectin, gelatin, sodium alginate, calcium alginate and whilst using laboratory scientific techniques such as spherification, gelification, foaming and emulsification.  These cuisines are produced from low energy consumption, less plant material and the creativeness of the chef in the kitchen. The experience molecular cooking brings to taste of food is next to none.  The question to answer is how nutrient balanced are these cuisines? How sustainable are these diets? What are the long-term impact to health, Food Brookes seeks to answer some of the questions looking at food production from farm to folk.

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Dr Isabella Nyambayo, RNutr (AfN), IFST, MRSC

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